Landlord’s unusual thank you to letting agent

When you have a portfolio of properties it’s vital to build up a good relationship with your agent and the core ingredient of that is trust.  You need to know everything is being done when it’s promised and not only done but done well!

At Cross & Co we pride ourselves on doing an exemplary job for all of our landlords and one of them was so delighted that he recently treated a member of our team; Lee Cross to a day out with a difference.  Lee has managed this particular client’s portfolio for approximately three years and over this time they have chatted not only about business but about personal things too; a sign of a good working relationship.  Our client enjoys his globetrotting adventures and is known to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, he often talks about what next adventure he has planned and somewhere along the way Lee had let it slip that he would like to try a skydive.  A few months later he gets notice from our client who is a qualified skydiver himself that a jump had been arranged and all paid for so now Lee had to partake – no excuses!!!

“I was really surprised” stated Lee.  “Although I was nervous, I really wanted to do it so booked the date quickly before I could change my mind.”

The venue was Langar Airfield in Nottingham and on the day Lee and the rest of the Cross & Co Team turned up with nervous anticipation.  On arrival Lee met with the Skydiving team and the tandem skydive instructor that he would be making the jump with.  Lee states that the instructors were very friendly experienced people, he was made to feel relaxed but they made sure that you had fun and enjoyed the experience too.  Lee attended a standard safety briefing before getting suitably attired in flight suit, hat and goggles; then it was time for the jump.

Lee can only describe the experience as ‘exhilarating’, the jump was carried out at 13,000ft and the freefall was a total adrenaline rush.  Starting above the clouds with air rushing past at incredible speeds before opening the parachute then you hit a tranquil surreal state and can really start to take in the experience and the spectacular views of the earth below.  The tandem skydive instructor guided the parachute and he carried out some corkscrew spins which was a real buzz says Lee.  Lee was then given control of the parachute for a short while and was so surprised at the speed and movement that you can achieve.  Coming into land was one of the best parts of the overall experience, the airfield coming up to meet you at such a quick pace and then the landing was so calm and gentle.

Lee together with the Cross & Co team would like to thank the landlord involved, the experience was such a valuable memory and a lovely gesture.