Can you smell the awful stink coming from the Cannock tip?

All of us here at Cross & Co live and work within the Heath Hayes area and have done so for many years.  We are all noticing the awful smell coming from the tip more than ever before; in recent years it has been noticeable in the summer months or when we have had a heavy rainfall but the smell is now on a daily basis and has become more potent and widespread.  It really is a disgusting stench and we dread to think how bad it could get if nothing is done about it.

It has been bought to our attention about a Facebook group that has been created called ‘Stop the Stench’; the group was set up in October last year 2019 to raise awareness that local residents can complain direct to the Incident Communication Service of the Environmental Agency and all complaints are officially logged.  This group has grown incredibly over the past few months and has made significant progress, the people involved in running this group have attended meetings with numerous counsellors and Cannock Chase District Council have also been involved together with a local member of parliament who has also chosen to support this group; with the pressure from all of the involved parties an odour action plan has now been put into place by Biffa the corporate company who are responsibility for the landfill site but the pressure still needs to be applied to ensure a positive outcome.

Cross & Co would urge all residents affected within the local area to log onto your Facebook account and participate in joining this group, it only takes a few seconds and could make the world of difference so please make the effort; with the collective pressure and constructive conversations within this group it will have a positive reaction so whenever you notice the smell please ring the number for the Incident Communication Service 0800 807060 and your complaint will be logged.